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Cedar Hill Outfitters

Carl Johnson

P.O. Box 415

Ackerman, MS 39735

(662) 285-6601 Office (662) 285-6713 Home



(Please fill out one form per guest and send to above address)

NAME ________________________________________________ PHONE_______________________

STREET __________________________________CITY & STATE_____________________________

ZIP CODE ____________________ OCCUPATION_________________________________________

SEX ________ AGE________ DATE OF BIRTH _____________ TOTAL HUNT PRICE $____________

HUNTING DATES ___________________________ HUNT TYPE (Circle): Bow  Rifle  Muzzleloader

HUNT PACKAGE (Circle): 3 Day-Guided        5 Day-Guided        3  Day-No guide        5 Day-No guide

                                           Other _______________________________________________

(Deposits are Required with Application)

Are you in good physical condition? ____________________ Have you ever had heart trouble? _______________

Are you allergic to certain foods, drink, etc.? ____________________ If so, please state______________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you have walking or hiking difficulties in rough terrain? ___________________________________________

Have you previously hunted big game? _________ If yes, where & what species___________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you require any special medication? ________ If so, please state: ___________________________________

This information will enable us to further personalize your hunt with your enjoyment and well-being in mind.


All fees are in U.S. funds. A 50% deposit is required with your reservation and the balance of the fee is due the day of your arrival at the Lodge. Our policy for deposits is that all monies paid are nonrefundable and are considered as partial payment for the services of reserving time and space on the schedule and advance preparation of equipment and supplies. Personal or company checks are acceptable for deposits and payment of the balance of fees. Lodge check-in time is 4PM day prior to hunt start and check-out time is 1PM last day of hunt (Times may be negotiated with Carl Johnson). Non-hunting guests are welcome, but a $75 per day fee is required for lodging and meals.

Assumption of Risks by Participant:

The activities that will be undertaken as a direct or indirect result of this reservation are commonly known to have various risks inherent to them. By making this reservation, I agree that I knowingly and willingly accept those risks that are inherent in this activity or any associated activity. I will not hold, nor attempt to hold, Cedar Hill Outfitters or any of its agents or associates, responsible for loss, injury, or damages, as a direct or indirect result of my participation in those activities.

I have read, fully understand, and agree to the above terms, conditions, and assumption of risks as a condition of this reservation form.

Signed ________________________________________________________ Date__________


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